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  • We protect your Rental Income
  • ​We handle Tenant Eviction
  • ​We handle Repairs & Maintenance
  • ​We handle your Tax Return
  • ​We handle your Pre-Construction Closing
  • The Government would share the management fee with you

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How We Protect Your Rental Income

  • We minimize your vacancy period by marketing your unit through our premium channels.
  • We have a proven tenant screening process to keep problematic tenants away from your unit.
  • We verify the funds from the tenant every month before depositing into your account to ensure on-time legitimate rent payments.
  • ​Tenants are smart and they know their rights. Are you ready to handle all the legal compliance? We know all the rules, so we can execute the proper procedure to protect your rights.

How We Handle Tenant Eviction

  • Maybe you need the unit back for your own use...
  • Maybe you need the unit back for your own use...
  • Maybe you want to increase the rent above the rent control guideline...
  • ​Maybe your tenant is consistently late or miss rent payments
  • ​You need to handle the tenant eviction differently in each of the situations. Unless you're confident that you won't make a mistake in the procedure, you should let us handle the eviction professionally for you.

How We Handle Repairs & Maintenance

  • Do you want the tenant to call you at night when the toilet breaks down? Or would you rather have the tenant call us for all the problems?
  • We have a database of handyman, licensed electrician and plumbers that can be dispatched anytime based on the situation.
  • Do you want to negotiate with the tenant on who's responsible to pay what? We know all the tricks. So, why waste your time & effort and create stress for yourself and your family?

How We Handle Your Tax Return

  • We keep track of all your deposit and expense receipts.
  • At year end, you can simply forward the spreadsheet to your account to complete the tax filing for the unit.

How We Handle Your Pre-Construction Closing

  • We have a procedure in place to ensure you have smooth Interim and Final Closings.
  • We will complete your unit's Pre-Delivery Inspection and follow up on your defects with the builder.
  • ​We will file all the reports for the Tarion Warranty Program according to the timeline set out by Tarion.
  • ​​We will set up your Owner's Insurance according to the builder's requirements.
  • ​​We will set up your Owner's Utility Account.
  • ​We will file your HST rebate application so you can get your $24,000 rebate promptly.

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